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Demonstrator Operators

Since 1926 Caterpillar has recognized the value of demonstrating products to its customers. ?The demonstration centers represent the logical outcome of that decades-long focus: the most evolved training and demonstration centers available. Comprehensive staff support and customer-focused educations ensure that time at our centers is well spent.
To succeed in an intensely competitive world, our customers need the right equipment, the right technology and the right training. ?The demonstration and learning centers help customers become more competitive. ?Visitors gain application and product knowledge in high-tech classrooms and in the field, benefiting from years of training and expertise on the latest Cat equipment.

There are currently three Demonstration & Learning Centers located worldwide. At the core of these centers are our highly skilled demonstrator operators with a minimum 10 years of equipment operator experience in heavy construction, general construction, quarry/aggregates and or mining industries.? Using this knowledge and skill the instructors provide a variety of services through the Demonstration and Learning Centers including:

Demonstration of Product:?
Operate heavy construction and or mining equipment to demonstrate features and capabilities, communicate operating techniques, display effective application and safe practices. Demonstrations are conducted at Training Centers or off-site locations worldwide.

Product and Application Training:?
Provide hands-on and classroom training related to machine operation, application, job efficiency, and safety. ?Training session can take place, either at the Training Centers or off-site. These efforts contribute to company revenues through product and service sales. Such training and counsel may also reduce warranty expense. Incumbents develop and maintain training materials for products of particular.

To learn more about potential career opportunities at the Demonstration and Learning centers please search and apply for open positions today.?

Demonstrator Instructor Tryouts

Our demonstrator instructors are some of the best in the industry. Do you have what it takes to join the Edwards IL team? Register for tryouts today.


The best part of my job is the customer interaction…

Erik Esposito has been a Demonstrator Instructor (DI) at the Caterpillar Demonstration and Learning Center in Edwards IL for nearly five years, but his extensive work experience in the construction industry leading up to that is what got him an interview with the Edwards team.

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Erik Esposito Erik Esposito

A team of extraordinary operators who wear many hats

There is no such thing as a typical work-day at the Demonstration and Learning centers. It is a fast-paced and ever-changing job role that is centered around customer service and driving success to the industries we serve.

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demonstrator operator demonstrator operator