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Employee Resource Groups

Our workforce is as diverse as the customers we serve. We have different backgrounds and varied experiences. But wherever we work, whatever we do, we share a single set of values that unite our company. We live and work by these values - integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment - which means we treat each other with respect and value each individual's contribution.

At Caterpillar, we recognize the need to celebrate diversity and the true uniqueness of each individual member, while ensuring the inclusion of the individual's ideas and contributions to build a stronger, high-performing team. Click the links below for more information on our Employee Resource Groups, including details on how each group impacts the business, testimonials, and recognition for our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Africa Business Resource Group

Active Caterpillar Team

Abled & Disabled Employees Partnering Together

Armed Forces Support Network

Caterpillar African American Network

Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group

Caterpillar Asian Indian Community

Caterpillar Latino Connection

Experienced Professionals Resource Group

Korean Resource Group

Caterpillar Lambda Network

Caterpillar Middle Eastern Resource Group

Women's Initiative Network

Young Professionals of Caterpillar