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Supporting causes far and wide during COVID-19 pandemic

The?Caterpillar?team, including?our?employees?both?past and present,?have a long history of giving back in the communities where we live and work.?Committed, passionate and ready to make a difference in the world, Caterpillar people are doers.?Whether it’s?contributing?financially?or volunteering your time and talents?to worthy causes,?you help build a better world and improve lives everywhere.?And,?you’ve risen to the?occasion once again.?

At the end of March, the Caterpillar Foundation announced it was?committing $8.5 million to global COVID-19 response?efforts. The?Foundation’s support also included a?limited time 2:1 match on U.S. employee and retiree donations?to eligible nonprofits?through its existing U.S. Matching Gifts Program.? ?

Thanks to?the?incredible outpouring of support?from?employees and retirees,?in a matter of days,?we surpassed the?original?$1 million match cap. In recognition of?Team Caterpillar’s?giving?spirit, the Foundation?increased?the match cap?to?$2.5 million,?resulting in a total of $3.9 million in donations, including the Foundation match?–?directly supporting?COVID-19 response activities and helping?organizations that have been impacted.?And even better, this brings the Foundation’s total commitment to $10 million.?

While the 2:1 match has closed, the?good news is the?1:1 match?offered through the U.S. Matching Gifts Program continues to be available.?

From foodbanks to hospitals, to educational and international development organizations, our support is making an impact in our own backyards,?keeping?our communities?safe and strong during this difficult time.?

For instance,?our support?for?Doctors Without Borders?will enable them to continue to respond to the pandemic on multiple fronts, including caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures?in health facilities around the world. They are also continuing to keep their regular medical programs running for?tens of thousands of patients and extremely vulnerable communities.??

In San Diego, donations to the Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation will help them continue to provide critical care for their patients during these unprecedented times.

In Central Illinois,?with?the help of our?donations,?the?Dream Center?is?continuing to?provide shelter,?food?and?personal hygiene items to?individuals and families hit hardest?during these challenging times.?

Our?donations are also helping food banks in?numerous?Caterpillar communities across the United States?as they?provide millions of meals?to the food insecure.?The?Midwest Food Bank in Central Illinois, the Second Harvest Food Bank in Tennessee,?the Houston Food Bank and Feeding San Diego?are just a few examples of the food banks we’re impacting at a time when 37 million Americans are facing hunger.?Plus, from school closures to job loss, this public health crisis has put millions more of Americans at risk for food insecurity, resulting in an increased demand for services provided by local food banks.

Thank you, Team Caterpillar, for?your support of?causes near and dear to you, enabling us to keep our communities safe and strong during these?unprecedented times.?

Giving back in our Communities - Special Appeal: 2:1 Covid-19 Matching Gift Giving Infographic Giving back in our Communities - Special Appeal: 2:1 Covid-19 Matching Gift Giving Infographic